Vossloh stock

Stock indicators

Basic data

ISINDE 0007667107
German SIN (“WKN”)766710
Stock exchange codeVOS
Traded atXETRA, Tradegate, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Stuttgart, München
Market segmentPrime Standard
IndexesSDAX, Classic All Share, Prime All Share, CDAX, DAXsector All und DAXsector Industrial, DAXsubsector All und DAXsubsector Industrial Products and Services
IPO of Vossloh AGJune 13, 1990
Price at issuance€ 8.40 1)
Capital stock€ 49,857,682.23
Stock classno-par bearer shares of common stock
Number of shares (Capital stock)17,564,180
Number of shares outstanding
(as of Dec. 31, 2014)
Average yield since IPO7.6 percent annually (as of December 31, 2023)

1) Share-related indicators and stock price rebased for the 1996 relisting of DM 50 shares as DM 5 shares, the 1998 (1-for-1) stock split, the 1992 capitalization of reserves (bonus shares: 1 for 5), and the 1993 and 2016 (1-for-5) capital increases against cash contributions.


Vossloh is represented in the following indexes

represents all classic industry equities below the DAX. (Weighting: 0.23% as of: 31 January 2024)

reflects all Prime Standard stocks. (Weighting: 0.02% as of: 31 January 2024)

covers the German Prime and General Standard equities across all industries and segments. (Weighting: 0.03% as of: 31 January 2024)

combines all sector indexes of the Prime, General and Entry Standard. Vossloh belongs to the DAXSECTOR All Industrial. (Weighting: 0.17% as of: 31 January 2024). Vossloh also belongs to the DAXSECTOR industrial, which includes only Prime Standard companies. (Weighting: 0.11% as of: 31 January 2024)

combines all subsectors of the Prime, General and Entry Standards. Vossloh belongs to the DAXsubsector All Industrial Products & Services (Weighting: 2.46% as of: 31 January 2024) Vossloh is also assigned to the DAXsubsector Industrial Products & Services index, which covers only Prime Standard equities. (Weighting: 1.86% as of: 31 January 2024)

It comprises the 70 largest companies by market capitalization in the traditional sectors below the MDAX that meet certain minimum quality requirements. (Weighting: 0.85% as of: 31 January 2024)

Share certificates

Inter alia, the annual meeting of Vossloh AG’s stockholders of June 25, 1998, had resolved to redivide the capital stock into no-par shares and exclude stockholder rights to physical share representation. Thereafter Vossloh AG had asked its stockholders, for the first time on August 8, 1998, and again on May 26, 2006, to surrender their par-value share certificates as these had been invalidated by the change to no-par stock. Since stockholders may no longer insist on the physical certification of their shares, no new share certificates will be issued. In lieu, and in accordance with the value, of the share certificates surrendered, their holders will become owners of fractional shares in the portfolio of no-par Vossloh AG stock held in collective custody by Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt/Main. The meantime incorrect Vossloh AG share certificates if not surrendered may be declared null and void upon completion of the formal proceedings (pursuant to Art. 73 AktG).... 继续阅读

Furthermore, Vossloh AG’s annual general meeting of June 25, 1998, had resolved to perform an equity-funded capital increase. The stockholders had been asked to collect their bonus shares, for the first time on August 8, 1998, and again on Mai 26, 2006. It is intended to sell any uncollected bonus shares upon completion of the formal proceedings for the account of the eligible stockholders (pursuant to Art. 214 AktG).

Below you will find the calls and notices, published since May 26, 2006, in the digital version of the German Federal Gazette (“Bundesanzeiger“) and in Börsenzeitung with regard to the call for the surrender of meantime incorrect physical share certificates and the call for the collection of bonus shares including the warning to sell.




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