Partnerships with customers and suppliers

Customers have always been considered partners of Vossloh, in part due to long-standing business relationships, especially in the development and market launch of new products, services or business models. For example, the Core Components and Customized Modules divisions frequently carry out test installations on selected customer tracks. In the recent past, for example, the novel composite tie Engineered Polymer Sleeper (EPS) has been tested in the USA, Sweden, Romania, Finland and Germany, among other countries. The new MIM-H digitally controllable point machine was subjected to similarly thorough field tests at track operators in several countries. Vossloh Fastening Systems has partnerships in place for the development of a new rail fastening system for slab tracks in cities and a customized fastening system for a rail-bound automated means of transport (people mover), among others. The grinding and milling machines belonging to the Lifecycle Solutions division also demonstrated their initial market readiness in test applications at customer sites. The multiyear framework agreement with Trafikverket for condition monitoring of a total of 1,000 switches in Sweden is another example of the kind of partnerships that Vossloh cultivates with customers. Here, the strategies for an efficient and targeted approach are developed jointly and decisions on concrete measures are made after close consultation.

The prerequisite for such close cooperation is satisfied customers, which is why the Vossloh units attach great importance to structured feedback – also in order to learn from any mistakes. The uniform Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software rolled out across the Group includes a tool for assessing customer satisfaction using specific questions linked to customer groups.

In 2022, several business units gathered customer feedback in different ways. In Germany, for instance, Vossloh Fastening Systems once again asked a small group of loyal customers for a review and conducted broader surveys in China and Poland. Vossloh Switch Systems performed surveys at several sites based on the „Net Promoter Score“ system. The results showed a high level of satisfaction with Vossloh’s products and services. Isolated points of criticism led to improvements being implemented promptly.

Vossloh also enters into partnerships with suppliers to ensure that their products exactly meet Vossloh’s requirements. One example is CogX: The heat-treated laminated steel for frogs and point blades was developed by Vossloh Switch Systems together with Arcelor Mittal. For the construction of the SF03 W-FFS rail milling train, which incorporates the highly complex technology for the complete reprofiling of rail lines in just one operation, Vossloh Rail Services is relying on its proven cooperation with Linsinger. All sensors for monitoring the switches in Sweden are supplied by a partner who, together with Vossloh, has adapted the products to the conditions prevailing there.