Düsseldorf’s Nightlife

Night time in Düsseldorf. The last few revellers, some of whom are none too certain on their feet, are still leaving the pubs in Düsseldorf’s historical quarter on their way to take public transport or a taxi home. And some of them may later have the tale of a strange late-night encounter to tell. Instead of finding a tram running on the tracks, they’ll have been passed by a bright orange Unimog pulling a silver-painted and spark-breathing behemoth. Turns out it’s the HSG-city, which Rheinbahn – Vossloh’s pilot customer – is using to look after its 340-km network of tracks. By now, the company has had the HSG-city travel over its network more than 20 times – and is happy to report positive feedback from the public about less noise from trams. But, based on their daily experience, tram drivers have also confirmed that running characteristics and travelling comfort have been considerably improved. But the positive impression is also and quite unreservedly grounded in fact, thanks to testing carried out by Rheinbahn.