Signalling and rail monitoring systems

Computer aided
signalling systems

Vossloh develops customized signalling systems for trams and trains, as well as for passenger and special goods transport.

This includes computer aided relay interlocking systems, remote actuation and monitoring systems or diversion control for heavy load lines (FAS-PAS). The signalling systems for passenger transport fulfill the highest SIL requirements of the European Committee of Electronical Standardization (CENELEC). We also provide our customers with ready to use project solutions: from planning to commissioning; including research, procurement, manufacturing, assembly, testing and training.

Also part of the portfolio: rail telecommunications.

BTW system

Cable theft is now a mass phenomenon as a result of increasing copper and non-ferrous metal prices. Material damages alone cost rail operators billions every year. And timetable delays add up to thousands of hours.

Vossloh’s sensor-based monitoring solution ‘Automatic Break Transmission in Electrical Wire’ (BTW) sends an alarm to the maintenance center via the mobile network (GSM) within seconds. The data specifies the location to within 50 m accuracy, and also records the length of the missing cables. This effectively speeds up repair and reduces delays due to theft.

Centrally controlled
switch monitoring

First installed in 2009 as part of the equipment for the high-speed connection between Perpignan (France) and Figueras (Spain), the Vossloh remote diagnosis system SURVAIG® is the current standard. Controlled from a central computer in the maintenance center, the system uses a number of continually measured parameters such as energy use, vibration, cushioning, temperature, humidity etc. to monitor the functioning of the switches and identify potential faults early.

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